Top Training Tips From The Pros That Will Help You Transform Your Body.

Body composition or structure is affected by nutrition and exercise. Different types of exercise such as strength training or running provide different effects on your body. Likewise, different foods have different calorie content. It is necessary to work on both to achieve the body you desire.

Strength Training:

●     Your plan must be well structured

If you randomly put exercise together, you won’t achieve anything. The first step to planning is to set your goal. Know what you want to achieve and plan your training to fit that goal. Being exhausted and covered in sweat doesn’t directly translate into an effective workout. You have to target the specific areas and fats cells to burn fat or get your muscle to hypertrophy.

Not all exercises would target your muscle groups efficiently, so your plan should contain exercises you can continually progress. Exercises you can progress help you effectively track how far you have come, plus they task your muscles continually. With generic exercise, your progress can stagnate and even decline.

●     Train

Training is not moving randomly from exercise to exercise or from machine to machine with no goal or intensity in mind. When you train, you don’t repeat the same routine over and over without challenging yourself. The principle of training and going from beginners to athletes level lies in you loading your body and getting it to do more work.

You can only train effectively if you follow the first tip. The reality is the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

●     Progressive Overloading

It is simply the gradual increase of the stress placed on the body during training. Increasing the resistance, the number of sets and repetitions, reducing rest time, and changing the tempo of the movement are ways you progressively overload a muscle.

By progressively overloading, you get to do more work. For example, if you can do 25 squats for 3 reps and 3 sets by your next workout, you can increase it to 35 squats for the same reps and sets.

There needs to be a balance. You cannot keep overloading the same muscle or system. Overload other systems such as your cardiovascular system or other areas in your musculoskeletal system.

Aside from these main tips, here are other tips for you:

●     Don’t focus on only one area

You don’t want your body looking distorted so ensure you work out every muscle group in your body. This means direct exercises to target your chest, back, shoulders, legs, abs, arm, hip, and low back. Focusing on just one body aspect can give you posture issues and imbalance.

●     Start easy

This falls under the progression tip and starts with smaller weights if you’re a beginner and progresses to larger ones. You need to progress the exercise, so your body has time to adjust and build strength and lift heavier weights.

●     Rest

It is important to rest in between your training program. Exercise causes micro-tears in your muscles, so you need to give your muscles time to heal. It is best two rest for at least 24 hours between 2 training sessions.


Take a critical look at your diet and do the following:

  • Take out all junk food: junk food is full of saturated fats and unnecessary calories that would slow down the success of your training.
  • Cut out Soda and energy drinks: They contain extra sugar you don’t need. Replace with water. Drink about 3.7 liters of water a day if you’re a man and 2.7 liters of water if you’re a woman
  • Eat more vegetables, especially dark leafy
  • Proteins keep you full for a longer time so include high sources of proteins such as eggs, milk, legumes, and cheese in your meal.
  • Eat more fruits; they will help you with your sugar craving.
  • Don’t completely cut out carbs in your diet. Instead, switch to food items that contain complex carbs such as quinoa, vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, and crackers.

Don’t forget to still monitor your calorie intake. You might think that because you’re eating healthy foods, everything is safe. However, there is the tendency to overeat, so track your calories.

Getting the body you desire is not a walk in the park. It requires consistency and endurance. With these pros tips, you would effectively train and change your lifestyle to meet your goal.

Remember it is not “80% nutrition, 20% exercise” but “100% exercise, 100% nutrition”. Quitting is not an option, and hard work always pays off. Stay through to your program, and in no time, you would see the result.

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