Train Jean-Claude Van 1

Train with Jean-Claude Van Damme – Lesson 1.

Jean-Calude Van Damme gives us his tips on how to stay in shape while the majority of gyms are closed due to the threat of coronavirus.

We all know Van Damme as a movie star but he is also karate expert with over 44 competitive matches.

Van Damme also won Mr. Belgium in 1978 in a bodybuilding competition.

Another fact about Van Damme is he is currently married to female bodybuilding legend Gladys Portugues.

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Van Damme produced a number of home training videos on his official Youtube page and they have become very popular with millions of views.

Lesson 1 contains four parts*. Van Damme explains every movement in a easy way so even the beginner can understand and benefit from these exercises.

*This series is in four parts and not five as indicated.