Trained by the ‘Real Deal’ Chris Cormier: Edwin Bojorquez

78 has launched a new series called Trained by the ‘Real Deal’ Chris Cormier. We will be featuring future and current stars that are trained by the bodybuilding legend himself.

Many are known by the bodybuilding world and many are not. We are honored to promote them and help these athletes get some great exposure.

Our first feature is about Edwin Bojorquez. He is an athlete that is making his way up the NPC ranks with some great results already.

Edwin Bojorquez

Born January 16, 1986

From Glendale California.

In 1999 Edwin was a skinny kid in middle school who got picked on and was getting tired of it.

One day he went to a 7 Eleven to buy a slurpee and saw a Flex Magazine with Lee Priest and Dorian Yates gracing the cover and it had the title ‘Grow your arms in 6 weeks’.

Edwin walked outside and sold his roller blades for $5 to buy the magazine.

Since he bought that magazine, Edwin was hooked ever since.

He was so obsessed he read everything about bodybuilding, and this was way before youtube and social media.

Bojorquez joined the local police boxing program only for the gym and gained 25lbs that summer.

Edwin set a goal for himself to compete at 17. He watched Pumping Iron on a VHS tape everyday.

On September 26 ,2003 at 17, Edwin entered the NPC Border states in San Diego.

He was so excited to compete and also he had the chance to meet Nasser El Sonbaty (RIP).

Edwin had a fantastic night and manage to place first. He had the chance to meet Nasser and managed to have a talk with him. Edwin also met bodybuilding star Troy Alves.

In 2004 Lonnie Teper went to the gym Edwin trains at and gave him a entry form for his Show the JR California.

Edwin managed to win that show and also was victorious again in 2005 while serving in The US Marines.

In 2005 Junior Califronia was a dream come true for Edwin. He managed to meet bodybuilding legends Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and The Real Deal Chris Cormier for the first time.

Edwin was constantly deployed overseas and had to stop competing but he trained hard in Iraq where the gym had a number of posters of Chris Cormier and Jay Cutler.

In 2010 Edwin was was sponsored by Muscletech and had the opportunity to fly out to Canada and learned the work involved behind the scenes at photo shoots.

Edwin competed in the 2010 NPC Excalibur where he placed a disappointing 15 out of 16.

After result like that Edwin’s dreams were crushed and thought he was delusional believing that he had what took to be a champion.

It was the first time he lost a show that way.

In 2012 matter got worse when Edwin tore his right pec and he knew for sure it was all over.

Still, as a champion would do, he kept training and dieting.

Edwin loved bodybuilding so much that even if he was able to train he would still diet.

One day Edwin read a post on Instagram by Chris Cormier about a training program call the Warrior Challenge.

Edwin already wanted to train with Chris and this program was the right package for him.

Edwin scheduled a Skype session and straight up asked him to be honest and tell mhim the truth if he was structurally capable of succeeding in bodybuilding.

Chris immediately created a plan for Edwin.

Four months to work on his weaknesses and four months to diet for a show.

The outcome was far beyond his wildest dreams.

Edwin was a new man and he 100% sure it was Cormier’s unique training that did it.

Edwin believes mostly everybody diets pretty much the same for bodybuilding but the training that Cormier offers is far from the traditional method that is published in magazines and training videos.

Edwin went on to say that Cormier’s training is a mixture from all of his training he learned from Robby Robinson, Pano Fragoulis and Dorian Yates.

Edwin admitted that Cormer was the key to building his physique.

Edwin wished he had trained like this from the start.

The greatest advantage of having Chris as his coach is that he is a posing master as well.

Edwin was able to go into the 2015 Ferrigno Legacy and properly display his new physique and stand up in the posedown with bodybuilders 80lbs heavier than him and hold his own.

Edwin managed two 1st place victories but was out muscled.

Now that Edwin is very happy the Classic Bodybuilding category was launched and is planning to compete in May in the NPC California. He is 100% confident that he can be victorious again.

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