Name: Gerald Williams
Age: 30
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Favorite Food(s): Bison and rice
Hobbies: Music, Art, and Sports

Gerald Williams is an American IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. He earned his IFBB Pro Card at the age of 29 winning the Heavyweight class and second Overall of 2015 North Americans. Gerald has had a storied relationship with bodybuilding over the last twelve years.

As a teenager Gerald won the 2005 Mr. Teenage California and the Teenage National Championships. It was at this time he met IFBB Pro Hall of Fame Bodybuilder and long time friend Chris Cormier in Los Angeles California. Chris has helped guide, mentor and train Gerald at various points over the last decade. Their relationship has become more intense as Gerald is rising through the professional ranks.

After loosing both of his parents and several other family members unexpectedly between 2003 and 2009 while also receiving his lowest bodybuilding placing to date at the 2008 NPC Nationals Gerald decided to concentrate on his education and developing his other areas of interest. He completed his master’s degree and began doctoral work before being recruited for a high-level research position with the State of California. Not long after that he also began teaching as a psychology professor at a local Community (junior) College.

With his personal and professional life on a more stable track Gerald returned to the stage after a 7-year hiatus earning professional status in that same year. In his IFBB Pro rookie year Gerald has improved placing’s at each show and is poised to take a top 5 finish before the end of the 2016 season.

Gerald has managed to maintain a strong marriage to his wife, two careers (research and teaching), a host of community service appointments and compete as a professional bodybuilder. He has not had a sponsor since 2007; his road represents that of many up- and- coming bodybuilder/ physique competitors around the world.

Public Contact information

Instagram: @gxl_will

IFBB Contest History

2015 North Americans- 1st & 2nd Overall 2016 Golden state Grand Prix – 9th
2016 Ferrigno Legacy- 8th
2016 Sheru Classic- 5th

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