Our next athlete in the series ‘Trained by the Real Deal Chris Cormier’ is Marquis Young.

Marquis is 5’10 and in the off-season his weight is 215-220 lbs.

His competition weight is 190lbs.

Marquis is from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Marquis young has always loved competing on any level. Whether it was with playing outside with friends or on a sports team.

He ran track and played football.

Marquis as many other kids, grew up watching wrestling, The World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

His favorite wrestlers were Hulk Hogan,  The ultimate Warrior, Bill Goldberg, Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels and obviously The Rock.

Marquis always had the ambition to look like his heroes on the wrestling ring.

This obviously made him interested in bodybuilding.

Marquis has great genetics in his family as his uncles are big guys and they were father figures to him while growing up.

His uncle Troy always used to talk about working out and he would always tell Marquis to do push ups when he was a young boy.

Marquies went on to explain that his uncle was big man standing at 6’2, 260lbs. His uncle Darroll played Right Back for Stanford and was his height but was very strong and very built.

Both his uncles support him taking on the sport of bodybuilding 100%.

Marquies was introduced to Chris Cormier by family members after they noticed that he was 100% committed to the sport of bodybuilding.

After Marquis saw Cormier’s competition photos, he decided to dive in head first into the sport and has been committed ever since December 2015.

If you would like to contact Chris Cormier for personal training programs and contest prep:

Log on to http://www.thegrind.guru

Or send him a email at: rdteamtraining@gmail.com

Chris Cormier’s official Instagram page: @chriscormier2


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