Our next athlete featured in the popular series ‘Trained by the Real Deal Chris Cormier’ is Robert Saurer Jr.

Name: Robert Saurer Jr 
Born October 1,1974

Robert Saurer Jr. started training in his freshman year of high school in 1989.

Saurer enrolled in a weight training Class for P.E. being tired of the typical team sports for the last 8 years of school.

Instantly, Robert became hooked after he found out humans could actually look like the He-Man action figures he collected as a kid!

Bodybuilding suited his personality very well. Robert was an an only child, So he was very comfortable as a loner perusing this amazing goal.

Robert continued training and educating himself on nutrition throughout his school years.

But it wasn’t until afterwards when he joined the USMC that he finally really started hitting the gym really hard.

With a steady income and plenty of free time and food, things started falling into place.

In early 1994 Robert joined a gym off base and learned a lot from the local lifters.

Robert put on 60lbs by the fall, then got talked into doing a show the following year.

Robert started dieting in the spring of 95 for the NPC Huntington Beach show. He managed to come down to 189lbs from around 230 and went on to place 2nd in the heavyweight novice class.

Robert didn’t compete again until later in the 90’s and early 2000’s, always consistently placing top 3 in local shows, but never locking in wins.

After taking a break for a few years Robert decided to try the stage once again. This time he wanted to do things optimally so he signed up for Chris Cormiers warrior challenge for his 2014 NPC Excalibur prep.

The training and posing were like nothing he has ever experienced. Robert added that he remembers being in the posing room at Golds Venice, standing in a puddle of sweat, or on the gym floor dying to grind out a few more reps.

Cormier’s methods are unbelievably painful (in a good way) but are extremely effective.

The explosive positive, slow negative and crazy static squeezes bring your muscles to a whole new level of pain! Robert ended up placing second in masters and third in the open for the 2014 Excalibur Cup.

Robert prepped again in 2016 for the NPC Los Angeles show. This time Robert went on to win the masters class and open light heavyweight class.

Robert is enjoying his training saying that it is  awesome training and talking with one of his favorite Hall of Fame bodybuilding heroes, Chris Cormier.

Robert is currently in his offseason preparing for the 2017 NPC California championship!

Gunning for an overall win! Robert highly recommend Cormier’s Warrior Challenge Training Programme to anyone trying to take their physique to the next level. Just be willing to put in 100% for crazy painful training. And suffer old school dieting methods to get shredded.

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