Steven Preza

Age 42
Nationality – Filipino / Japanese
Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Married to Elaine Preza for 10 years.
Currently residing in Hawaii. Representing the bodybuilding scene for over 20 years.

In his early 20’s Steve Preza began competing.

Steve decided to step on the stage for his very first show because of a challenge from a friend.

After the experience of his first show, Steve found himself interested in others who share the same passion in bodybuilding as himself.

Last year Steve unfortunately discovered that he was born with congenital heart disease, a hereditary heart condition along with being diagnosed with kidney failure.

He is currently receiving dialysis treatments and a kidney transplant is being planned for the future.

Steve is constantly learning the anatomy of science in food and exercise and he actually learned how to make his body healthier and stronger to continue to compete even with this disease.

With Chris Cormier as his trainer and mentor, Steve is currently training to compete at the 2017 Arnold Amateur, California State and LA Bodybuilding Championships.

If all goes well at the USAs, Steve wants to prove to the world that you can reach your dreams no matter what obstacles you have trying to hold you back.

Steven Preza
Height 5’9
Current weight: 250
Contest weight:225
Sgt. @ OCCC
NPC Judge for 3 years
NPC National Competitor
Contest prep & posing consultant

Competitions & accomplishments:
2000 Designer Body Novice Heavyweight & overall champion
2004 Mr. Hawaiian Islands Heavyweight champion
2007 Paradise Cup Heavyweight Champion
2008 Paradise Cup Heavyweight & overall champion
2009 Guest poser Hawaiian Islands
2010 Emerald Cup Heavyweight champion
2010 Guest poser Paradise Cup
2011 Top 15 Heavyweight USA championships
2011 NPC Sacramento Heavyweight champion
2014 Paradise Cup Heavyweight champion
2015 Master Nationals

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