From a young age Zach’s parents instilled the basic fundamentals he has used to this day: discipline, hard work, and consistency. Zach have always been able to see the big picture and stay motivated in whatever he set out to do. He became a first degree Black Belt at the age of 14 after years of dedication followed by a brief couple years of boxing and practicing MMA.

Zach Farmer started consistently weight lifting in 2009 at the age of 17. At the time he was just training- he knew he had found his passion but it wasn’t until 2010 when he met Adrain Childers who funneled his passion for training directly into bodybuilding.

In 2011 Zach knew he wanted to be the greatest bodybuilder the world had ever known. Anyone who knew his work ethic, his drive, his intensity, can attest that this isn’t impossible. He told himself he needed five years of training to have the confidence and muscle development he needed to be successful at a local level.

In 2015 Zach was given the privilege to represent Blackstone Labs which he is very proud to do. Zach also teamed up with Andrew Vu and with his guidance Zach won the Novice Middle Weight and placed second in the Open of the 2016 Branch Warren Classic.

Besides working with Santi Aragon Zach began working with IFBB Legend Chris Cormier on his posing and his training leading into his competition. In only a few sessions Cormier showed Zach techniques that drastically revolutionized his training, presentation and mindset.

In November Zach was granted the opportunity to work fully with Mr. Cormier, Zach was just hitting the stride of things but he set out to be the best. Both Chris and Zach have extremely high standards and wthey both prioritize even the smallest of details. Cormier expects a lot from Zach and pushes him to be better in every aspect. Zach just loves every aspect of it.

Throughout the months working with Chris Cormier his wisdom has become extremely apparent. Zach enjoyed listening to all his philosophies and stories and Cormier showed him nothing but complete respect. Cormier and Zach know what they need to improve on and Zach knows with his guidance and his work ethic, nothing is unattainable. Zach looks forward to what he and Chris will accomplish in not only the near, but far away future together as they continue this off-season and begin prep for the next competition.

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