trish warren aug 16A lot of you have been asking about my nightly track sessions. Try out my favorite Track Workout:

  • Start with 2 Rounds of this on the bleachers:
  • Run up small steps, touching every step
  • Run up small steps, touching every other step
  • Run up big bleachers
  • Lunge up big bleachers, go deep into each lunge
  • Bunny hop up big bleachers (you may have to work up to this one…start out on the small steps if you need to)
  • Next, let’s do some strength work using the bleachers:
  • 5x each side, Walking uneven pushups (watch a video of how to do them here!)
  • Pop squat your way down
  • 10x each side, Walking incline pushups (hands on the bleacher above where your feet are)
  • 20x Tricep dips on the bleachers
  • Now, head out to the track for the final round:
  • 5x 100 meter sprint
  • 25x Crunches
  • 25x each side, Oblique crunches
  • 5x 100 meter sprint

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