mail onlineBad press is nothing new to bodybuilding, but this morning I came across and article by the Mail on Line.

The article can be read here.

We know all bodybuilders use fake tan to prepare for competitions. Some use a roller, sponge or spray to apply it.

This is great for a number of reasons. It keeps our athletes away from the sun and it gives them more time to prepare for the contest.

This article mocks the bodybuilders preparation for such a show. And the show was not a small one, it was the IFBB World Classic Bodybuilding championships.

I have published many articles regarding bodybuilding in the newspaper I work for and have never talked negative about the sport.

Yes, there are things that have to be fixed, but pointing a thing such as tanning is out of the question.

Saying this, the press cannot just point the finger of anabolics to bodybuilding anymore as they are finding every sport is using them. All the so called hero’s of the sport are all on them, and more are to be caught!! So they are no finding the small things like tanning.

The person writing the article probably has no idea what bodybuilding is in the first place.

Let me guess… you prefer to watch a bunch of guys on ESPN or Eurosport playing poker… now that is a real sport.

I just wish somebody would write about the dedication and what a bodybuilder goes through to get ready for a competition.

They deserve a great amount of respect!!!