Fat Burning Book Review – The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook

The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook, reveals the weight loss pill secrets that action movie heroes, MMA fighters, and bodybuilders use to burn fat fast.

Underground fat-burning book

Fat Burning Book Review – The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook.

My good friend Mason Harder’s new underground fat-burning book, The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook, is an encyclopedia of diet drugs and fat burners – every single one of them. In the book, Mason sets the record straight about the abundance of misinformation perpetuated by the supplement and weight loss industry con artists. And he reveals the weight loss pills and steroid cycling secrets that movie action heroes, MMA fighters, bodybuilders and top physique models use to burn fat fast… incinerating every last ounce of it! And today, for 48-hours, I’ve got a free copy for you! So keep reading! There’s even a chapter on Anorectant No.10, the fat burner I’ve been using during these crazy times that has me melting fat like a blast furnace. Evolution of Bodybuilding rated Anorectant No.10 the top rated fat burner of 2020. And, we made a deal so our readers can try it for free. Click this link to read EOB’s 5-star review of this powerful fat burner. And on this page, we’ll tell you how to get your free bottle shipped to you.

Below, I’ll you how to use Facebook Messenger to have Mason send you a free Kindle or eBook copy and the Audiobook for free too. Check out the cover.

Please review The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook today!

In this 227 page book, The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook, Mason blows the whistle on the con artists within the supplement industry!

Why you ask?

Because my friend Mason is the kind of guy that gets a kick out of proving the emperor has no clothes. And, as you’ll see in The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook, he’s butt naked.

The goal of The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook is to pass along all the information that will save you years of wasted fat-burning effort. And the book saves you thousands of dollars in worthless books, magazines, personal courses, instructional videos, and weight-loss programs that will not help you burn fat in the least and will keep you from getting shredded.

What’s more, The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook is a fat-burning opus not-so-much for overweight folks (although it will rock-their-world if they read it), but, it is more for guys who aren’t fat, and who want to get shredded. This is the book for guys who want dry, ripped, muscle and skin that looks like it was stretched tightly over a defined, muscular physique. To get a sense of how truly underground this book is, be sure to check out the Table of Contents from the book at the bottom of this email.

To get your free copy, here’s what I want you to do right now:

1. Click this link to message Mason to chat on Facebook Messenger. He responds right away and will hook you up with a free copy of his ebook and Audiobook. Message me to chat.

Kindle2. You can read it right now on your eBook or Kindle reader or on the free Kindle app for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Android.

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4. Here’s one more freebie for all my loyal followers! There are 35 fat-burning drug cycles in The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook, and some are a little hard to read on a smartphone’s small screen. Grab the Kindle version right now for free, and Mason will give you the link where you can download a free PDF that contains all the diet drug cycles in the book. This makes all the cycles easy to print out, read, and follow. He will also make available to you a free Excel workbook that contains spreadsheets of all the fat-burning cycles in the book so that you can customize them as you see fit.

I particularly appreciated how the Sourcebook deconstructs some of the newest diet pills into their original drug components and then tells you how to take the cheaper generic versions of the drug and get the same benefit as the newer version for a lot less money. A while back, my doctor had me on Qsymia for 7 months at a cost of over $200 per month. And of course, my insurance refused to pay for it. In Sourcebook, I learned that Qsymia is nothing more than the combination of generic phentermine and generic topiramate. Both drugs are dirt cheap and believe-it-or-not, insurance pays for them no problem. Sourcebook shows you similar ways to save money using generic equivalents for Lomaira, Belviq, and Contrave.

My friend Bill followed Harder’s basic Anorectant No.10 cycle and did not count calories. He did not use Anorectant with anything else that the book recommends, that he might want to take it with. He took 1 capsule/day the first week, 2 capsules per/day the second week, and three per day for weeks 3 to 6. Then he took three weeks off before repeating this pattern. Bill wasn’t fat to start with, but this book showed him how to drop 19.5 lbs. of body fat in under six weeks, without even trying. He tells me the worst part of the protocol was being off it because he missed all the energy and focus that Anorectant gave him.

If you miss out on getting the book today during this free 48-hour window, the price is going to climb back up to $39.

Don’t delay; it takes less than 59 seconds to claim your free copy. And, in under two minutes, you can start your own new fat-burning adventure!

Stay shredded!

Check out what’s inside The Phentermine & Clenbuterol Sourcebook table of contents:

Introduction: You’ve been lied to…
PART I: Phentermine Appetite Suppressant Secrets Perfected

1. Phentermine / Adipex P (Brand Phentermine)
2. What is Phentermine?
3. Phentermine for Weight Loss & How does Phentermine Work?
4. Phentermine Side Effects
5. Phentermine High & Recreational Drug Use
6. The Phentermine 37.5 mg Pill
7. How Long Does Phentermine Stay in Your System?
8.Phentermine Before and After
9. Where to Buy Phentermine Online
10. Over the Counter Phentermine (OTC Phentermine)
11. Phentermine Prescription from an Online Doctor
12. Phentermine Coupon
13. Adipex Reviews, Results, & Side Effects
14. Phentermine Brands
15. Which is Better, Phentermine Tablets or Phentermine Capsules?
16. Do I Need a Prescription for Phentermine?

PART II: Clenbuterol – Fuel to Burn Fat Fast

1. Prior to industrialization – when farming…
2. What is Clenbuterol or Clen?
3. What clenbuterol results can you expect before and after using clen?
4. How does clenbuterol work and how to cycle clenbuterol.
5. What is an effective clenbuterol dosage on a Clen cycle?
6. How to buy clenbuterol? Where to find clenbuterol for Sale? Where to buy clenbuterol online?
7. What are clenbuterol’s Side Effects? Is clenbuterol safe? What are the clenbuterol side effects on men and clenbuterol for women?
8. Is Clenbuterol Legal? And will clenbuterol show up on a drug test?
9. What form does clenbuterol come in? Including Clenbuterol tablets, Liquid Clen, Clenbuterol Peptides, and Clen powder.
10. What is Clenbuterol Half-Life?
11. Who’s Using clenbuterol?

PART III: Anorectant No.10 Diet Pills Annihilate Body Fat

1. What is Anorectant No.10?
2. What compounds are in Anorectant No.10?
3. What results can you expect from Anorectant No.10?
4. How to use Anorectant No.10 for weight loss and what are the usual Anorectant No.10 weight loss results?
5. How Anorectant No.10 works and how to cycle it…
6. Is Anorectant No.10 Legal? And will Anorectant No.10 show up on a drug test?
7. How to buy Anorectant No.10? Where can I buy Anorectant No.10 online?

PART IV: Radical Phentermine Cycles that Burn Fat

1. Phentermine & Topiramate Qsymia Equivalent Cycle
2. Phentermine & Naltrexone Cycle
3. Phentermine topiramate and naltrexone cycle
4. Phentermine Anorectant No.10 Cycle
5. The low dose phentermine Lomaira cycle

PART V: Clenbuterol Cycles Professional Strength Fat Burning
Clenbuterol – Use Alone or Stack with Other Drugs?
The Clenbuterol Cycles: Radical Fat Burning Drug Stacks

1. The 6-week Clenbuterol Only Cycle
2. Clenbuterol with the ECA Stack in Weeks 3 and 4
3. Clenbuterol Only 2-weeks on 2-weeks off cycle
4. The 2 Week Clenbuterol Only Cycle
5. Clenbuterol Taurine and Ketotifen Only Cycle
6. Clenbuterol-Only Cycle for Women
7. The Clenbuterol & Anorectant No.10 Cyclone Cycle
8. Clenbuterol with Anabolic Steroids & Anti-Estrogens
9. Clenbuterol with T3

PART VI: Your Keto Diet Spiked with Weight Loss Pills

1. Ketosis
2. Detecting Ketosis: Why Precision Xtra Ketone Test Strips Blood Testing Crush Standard Urine Ketone Strips

PART VII: The PCAI Cycle: Phentermine, Clenbuterol, Anorectant No.10, Insulin

1. The Phentermine/Clenbuterol/Anorectant No.10/Insulin Ketogenic Cutting Cycle
2. Introduction to the Phentermine/Clenbuterol/Anorectant No.10/Insulin Cycle
by George Spellwin of EliteFitness.com
3. About the Phentermine/Clenbuterol/Anorectant No.10/Insulin Ketogenic Cutting Cycle

PCAI Cycle Part 1. A Keto Diet on Steroids: Get as Ripped, Lean, and Muscular as You Want
Low-Fat Diets vs. High Fat, Ketogenic Diets
Calculating Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your Active Metabolic Rate (AMR).

PCAI Cycle Part 2. Kick Ass Training on the PCAI Cycle
Training to Melt Fat & Still Build Muscle

PCAI Cycle Part 3. Adding Weight Loss Pills to Decimate Fat – Put Your Keto Diet on Steroids
Torch Fat Using Anorectant No.10, Phentermine or Clenbuterol

PCAI Cycle Part 4. Shredded: Insulin’s Advantage the Ultimate Ketosis Hack

Adding Insulin to your cycle
Special considerations when using insulin – so you don’t hurt yourself. Understanding IU, MG, CC, etc.
State laws regarding obtaining insulin.
PCAI Cycle: Phentermine Version Diagram
PCAI Cycle: Clenbuterol Version Diagram
PCAI Cycle: Anorectant Version Diagram
1: PCAI Ketogenic Cutting Cycle Diet, Training & Drugs – Anorectant Version
2: PCAI Ketogenic Cutting Cycle Diet, Training & Drugs – Clenbuterol Version
3: PCAI Ketogenic Cutting Cycle Diet, Training & Drugs – Phentermine Version
4: PCAI Ketogenic Cutting Cycle – Clenbuterol & Anorectant Version

FREE BONUS 1: Every Other Diet Drug that Obliterates Fat

FDA Approved Diet Drugs – Are They Effective & Safe?
1. Belviq & Single Digit Body Fat Percentages
2. Contrave: Big Pharma Stacks Two Diet Drugs to Incinerate Your Body Fat
3. Contrave – A Do-It-Yourself Cycle Melts the Fat Off
4. Qsymia – Diet Drug or Speed?
5. President Trump Wired On Amphetamines and Fat Burners
6. Sibutramine: A Deadly Weight Loss Pill Hiding in Your Supplements
7. Saxenda: This Drug Destroys Hunger
8. Fenfluramine: Chinese Supplements Laced with Heart Damaging Drugs
9. Yohimbine Hydrochloride (Yohimbe)
10. ECA Cycle – Norephedrine HCl, Phenylpropanolamine, Ephedrine, Yohimbine Stack

FREE BONUS 2: Looking Xtra Sexy through Surgery

1. Cool Sculpting – Freeze Off Fat in Targeted Areas with No Surgery
2. Vaser Hi Def Lipo – Advanced Liposuction w/ Ultrasound that’s Safer than Normal Lipo
3. Insane Surgical Tongue Patch Suppresses Your Hunger and Makes You Lose Weight Quick
4. AspireAssist – FDA Approved Bulimia Food Tube, Causes Quick Fat Loss
5. Gastric Bypass and Lap bands – can you use it if you’re not obese?

FREE BONUS 3: Insane Diet Hacks to Vaporize Fat

1. Why gaining weight damages your libido. You Gain Weight‚ Your Sex Drive Nosedives – Here’s Why
2. Cryotherapy Makes You Lose 40 Pounds in 30 Minutes!
3. How to dehydrate yourself to look ripped. Is it safe? Or just for fitness models?
4. How to say ripped when traveling. Traveling? Here’s Everything You Need to Stay Fit – From Workouts to Diet
5. New Study: Eating Pasta to Burn More Fat & the Mediterranean Diet
6. The $1,000 3-D Body Scanner Ridiculous! $1,000 Body Scanner – See Why It’s Worth the Money
7. Intermittent Fasting – Why Intermittent Fasting Is the Ultimate Fat Burning Diet

FREE BONUS 4: Anorectant No.10 Blast Furnace Cycles

FREE BONUS 5: The Men’s Full Body Recomposition Cycle‚ to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

1. Introducing the Test Stack Body Recomposition Cycle
2. What You Need to Know about the Test Stack Recomp Cycle
3. What Will the Test Stack/Anorectant Recomp Cycle Do for You?
4. Excellent Training and Dieting Are a Must in Recomping
5. Your Recomp Diet for Max Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
6. Recomp Training‚ From Sample Workouts to Cardio
7. The Test Stack Recomp Cycle – Dosages‚ Advice and More
8. What You Need to Complete the Anorectant‚ Test Stack Cycle

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Ketogenic Diet Food List: Everything You Need to Know
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