BARCELONA, Spain. Friday morning the famous Arnold Classic Europe expo opened for the fans of the sport.

Companies related to the bodybuilding and fitness industry had stands as far as the eye can see.

Over 1,400 amateur athletes arrived in Barcelona to compete in this great event.

The level of competition is very high with countries sending full teams to represent their country.

The pro athletes started to arrive on Thursday and a number of them took the time to represent their carious sponsors and meet the fans.

Dennis Wolf, Flex Wheeler, Big Ramy, Cedric McMillan, Brandon Curry and others had long lines of fans waiting to take a photo and meet them.

When Roelly Winklaar walked in, it was a scene of a rock concert, a definite fan favorite.

On Friday, talked to a number of pro’s while they were relaxing at their hotel.

Johnnie O. Jackson was in the lobby taking photos with fans who were lucky to be there. Considering it is his last show, Johnnie looks as if he can go on for a couple of more years.

It was great to see Freddie Smalls again, after a small break from the sport, he is looking huge.

Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived at approx 5pm and had his usual press conference in the evening.

We are looking forward to another day at the expo and the big Pro show in Saturday evening.

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