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Ty Thought that Full Body Recomposition Was Impossible – But This Cycle Changed His Mind and Physique Forever

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The toughest thing to do in bodybuilding is recomposition‚ where you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Many guys have tried and failed a recomp physique transformation‚ leading them to believe that it’s impossible to transform from average to extraordinary without the aid of anabolic steroids and/or perfect genetics.

Ty Gray‚ a former U.S Marine‚ fitness trainer and long time Test Stack customer‚ was under the same impression since he’d tried and failed to recomp several times in the past.

Ty started taking Test Stack No.17, rated the #1 testosterone booster here on Evolution of Bodybuilding. He liked his Test Stack No.17 results so much‚ he asked me if there was anything else he could do besides proper dieting and training to achieve recomposition – without using steroids.

I worked closely with Ty to create this 8–week recomp cycle using both the Anorectant No.10 fat burner and Test Stack No.17 testosterone booster. Evolution of bodybuilding rated Anorectant No.10 the #1 fat burner of 2020. Using both nutraceuticals stacked together helped Ty build muscle and burn down to 4% body fat in less than two months. And as an added benefit‚ Ty boosted his libido and increased his drive in the gym throughout this cycle.

As a favor to me‚ Ty made a short video explaining the results, he got from the Test Stack Recomp cycle‚ which you can watch below.

Greg, an attorney in Florida, weighed 210 pounds. Using my recomp cycle, he dropped down to a muscular 160 pounds shedding lots of fat while adding lots of lean muscle. He tells the story of how he used my recomp cycle to achieve these staggering results in this video:

Of course, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can just stack the #1 rated men’s testosterone booster with the #1 rated fat burner, achieve results like Ty and Greg, and call it a day. Stacking the Anorectant No.10 fat burner and the Test Stack No.17 testosterone booster in a cycle will get you great results, but nothing like the results you’ll get if you follow the rest of my recomposition cycle protocol. Something I’m happy to share with you for free.

Please text the word RECOMP to my mobile phone, +1-305-921-0578, and I’ll give you all the instructions that will set you up for success on your recomposition journey. Everything will be sent to your email inbox in bite-sized, easy-to-absorb, info blocks that won’t overwhelm anyone. You’ll get one email a day over five days. In those emails, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how the Test Stack Recomp Cycle will help you burn body fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time as it did for Ty and Greg
  • How to set up the perfect recomposition diet (hint: you must know your lean body mass – and I’ll show you how).
  • Effective recomp training‚ including a discussion on training density and HIIT.
  • The exact dosage schedule for the Test Stack Recomp cycle nutraceuticals.

Plus, when you follow this recomposition series‚ I’ll also give you a special deal that’ll save you over $1000 on 4 bottles of Anorectant No.10 and 4 bottles of Test Stack No.17 (8 bottles total) – the entire amount you need for an 8–week recomp cycle. Text the word RECOMP to my mobile phone, +1-305-921-0578.

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