Vendors Arnold Sports USA offered FREE

Vendors from Arnold Sports USA offered FREE booth at Boston Pro.

The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival did not start as planned.

As everybody should know by now, due to the coronavirus, the Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, Ohio has been cancelled.

This was a very big blow to the Arnold Sports Festival organizers in regards to finances and image.

The vendors and exhibitors have been venting their frustration on social media in regards getting their money back.

The only letter the exhibitors received was that they only get a 5% discount for booth expenses and handling of materials shipped.

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The situation is looking a bit brighter for the vendors that lost a lot of business at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival. The Boston Pro will surely not have the amount of spectators that the Arnold Classic brings. We still have to hear the reaction of the people involved. was contacted by David Whitaker with the news that the vendors will be offered free space at the 2020 Boston Pro that takes place on 20 June.

The press release:

BOSTON, March 5, 2020  — Mon Ethos Pro Founder and President David Whitaker has announced that in consideration of the postponement of The Arnold Sports Festival this weekend, sponsors and vendors who had planned to present their products and services at The Arnold will be offered a booth at the Boston Pro show June 20, 2020 at no cost. 

The Boston Pro Fitness Show and Expo, at the Encore Boston Harbor, is attracting competitors from around the world to compete for the 24 paid sponsorships, $300,000 in prize money, and six guaranteed spots to compete at the Olympia competition in September. Fans of the event are excited to attend the Boston Pro, and sponsors and vendors are excited for the opportunity to present their goods and services to the sizeable crowd. “We know how badly sponsors are hurt financially when an event like this is canceled,” said Mon Ethos Pro President David Whitaker. “We want to help.”

Whitaker announced this afternoon that he would offer sponsors and vendors of The Arnold Sports Festival a free space at the Boston Pro in consideration of the Arnold’s recent postponement of the event, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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