MuscleMeds is pleased to announce that IFBB pro Victor Martinez, one of bodybuilding’s most popular and all-time great competitors, has been signed to an exclusive agreement to represent CARNIVOR, the world’s first and #1 selling beef protein isolate.

With his sweeping physique, flowing muscles and aesthetic lines, fan favorite Victor Martinez is uniquely qualified to represent the prestigious CARNIVOR brand. Victor and CARNIVOR both have a strong track record for building muscle! Just as Victor has climbed to the heights of professional bodybuilding, CARNIVOR has emerged as one of the premier bodybuilding supplements to help pack on muscle.

“Victor Martinez is a bodybuilding legend— and a terrific family guy we love being in business with. Victor will redefine the CARNIVOR brand and tour the world to promote it with our partners,” said Vito Sanzone, President and CMO of Maximum Human Performance (MHP).

MuscleMeds has created some of the most exciting products in the sports science industry— most notably its world-famous CARNIVOR beef protein isolate. MuscleMeds’ introduction of CARNIVOR truly revolutionized the industry by providing the tremendous anabolic benefits of pure beef in the convenient form of a delicious anabolic protein shake. It is a truly state-of-the-art protein supplement— packed with BCAAs, creatine and the Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology, plus being sugar free, fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free and gluten free. It is now available in 10 delicious flavors.

CARNIVOR is unlike any other protein supplement in existence. It has long been known that bodybuilders and strength athletes consume high amounts of beef to help build muscle and increase strength. The muscle-building power of beef cannot be disputed. Ask most any bodybuilder, and they will tell you that they make their biggest muscle gains and feel their strongest when they eat beef. Thanks to the development of an advanced bioengineered beef protein, MuscleMeds has formulated a highly anabolic muscle building protein. CARNIVOR was the first beef protein on the market and continues to be the #1 selling beef protein isolate on the planet!

And Victor Martinez is like no other bodybuilder competing today. A pro since he won the NPC Nationals in 2000, Victor’s spectacular physique has been celebrated since he first arrived on the scene. His muscle separation and flow are the envy of his competition, while the insertion points, fullness and overall symmetry have made him one of the most structurally blessed bodybuilders on the planet. The Dominican Dominator has battled his way to win six pro shows and counting, including both the Arnold Classic and Arnold Europe. Victor is also one of the most controversial Mr. Olympia runners-up in the history of that event, nearly winning the 2007 contest.

“I’m tremendously honored to be representing the CARNIVOR brand and be an ambassador for a quality company dedicated to excellence that I truly believe in, and one that will help me set new heights in bodybuilding,” Victor said.

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies represents the pinnacle in supplement science— a state-of-the-art brand that unites performance enhancement with pharmaceutical based nutritional technology. Using leading-edge research and true product innovation, MuscleMeds scientists have developed new, proprietary technologies for dramatically improving athletic and human performance. The brand has created some of the most exciting products in the sports science industry, and the premier supplement brand within the MuscleMeds portfolio is the CARNIVOR line of beef protein isolate products.

Although protein is a well-known category mainly dominated by whey, the sub-category of beef protein is growing fast. MuscleMeds created this sub-category with CARNIVOR beef protein isolate, and it has followed suit with the introduction of the only beef protein mass gainer (CARNIVOR MASS), a powerful amino acid supplement (CARNIVOR Beef Aminos), delicious high-protein shots (CARNIVOR Shots), a new protein supplement infused with energizing caffeine (CARNIVOR Raging Bull Series) and the brand-new CARNIVOR RTDs. There are also delicious CARNIVOR Protein Bars and new CARNIVOR Brownies available, the first protein snacks that contain Beef Protein Isolate. CARNIVOR sales have exploded as bodybuilders and athletes worldwide continue seeing great results by using it. And what really surprises consumers is how delicious all of these beef protein products taste!

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