IFBB European e-Championships session

[WATCH] 1st IFBB European e-Championships (Session 1).

The first session of the 2020 IFBB European e-Championships (Session 1) has been published on IFBB’s official YouTube page.

The competitors and the judges did a fantastic job starting what could be a new era for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

The European eChampionship (1st. IFBB-EBFF European Bodybuilding & Fitness eChampionships) was created to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The European eChampionship is open for all the IFBB athletes from affiliated European National Federations.

Open Categories

• Bodyfitness
• Bikini
• Fit Model
• Wellness
• Women’s Physique
• Bodybuilding
• Classic Bodybuilding
• Classic Physique
• Muscular Men’s Physique
• Men’s Physique

The event is designed to be performed in open categories. In the case of a large number of participants in each Division, categories can be split by height/weight limits, following technical criteria.

In the case of fewer than 5 athletes in one Division, this category will be canceled and the participation fee will be returned to the athlete.

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