press conferece Olympia 2015Watch the entire 2015 Mr. Olympia Press conference brought to you by NPC News Online

Dennis James and Bob Cicherillo did their usual to get the bodybuilders at each other…. but this year it was all with good fun with a lot of laughs.

Obviously the subject of Kai Greene was brought up, but all the competitors made it a point to say that they signed it and are at the Olympia to win and it is their job to be there for the fans.

Phil Heath had some remarks to say about the Kai situation… but they were all valid.

The big names mentioned to challenge Phil are Shawn Rhoden and Dexter Jackson. But we must not forget about 316 pound Big Ramy.

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Dexter Jackson looked shredded, and is looking as the main rival! and even Phil Heath noted this.

Funny comments:

Dexter Jackson: “The face is old… the body is young”

Dexter Jackson: “Stay home Kai.. more money for me”

Phil Heath: ” Kai Greene could sign all those Olympia posters as Mr. Olympia… but he was not able to sign the contract”

The show must go on and what a show it is going to be!!


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