2017 NABBA Mr. Universe Men's Pro Finals

2017 NABBA Mr. Universe Men’s Pro Finals

Watch in full the finals of the 2017 NABBA Mr. Universe Men’s Pro Finals.

Shaun Joseph-Tavernier continued his successful season by finishing on top. The success story of the evening was second place winner Lee Seung Chul who turned Pro just moments before after winning the overall 2017 Amateur Mr. Universe.

1. Shaun Joseph-Tavernier (GB)
2. Lee Seung Chul (KOR)
3. Tony Mount (NIR)
Fabrice Radkowski (FRA)
James Flemming (GB)
Alex dos Anjos (BRA)
Elvis Brown (GB) [
James Llewellin (WAL)
Slavoj Bednář (CZE)
Charles Mario Soares (BRA)
Olzirio Anibal Junior (BRA)
Yoni Hanna (ISR)
Péter Molnár (HUN)