2017 NABBA Universe Live Feed

2017 NABBA Universe Live Feed

The NABBA Universe 2017 – The most renowned and prestigious annual bodybuilding show the world has ever seen is now available with Live Streaming wherever you are in the world with NAPA TV. With a focus on bodybuilding and reaching out to fans, friends and family’s all over the globe to unite in celebration of these athletes achievements.

The feed starts 9am (GMT) all the action and drama from the judging section of the event, plus the emotion and celebration from the results and awards which begin at 6pm (GMT).

With commentary and interviews from the established team of experts who have what it takes to deliver the insight and knowledge to inform viewers watching, along with the whit and humor to carry such a lengthy viewing. John Hodgson, Jon Bridge, Ronnie Orr and Kay Goodwin are all set to deliver this mammoth of a show!

Running order as follows:

Judging from 9.30 (GMT): Over 40’s, Over 50’s, Juniors, Miss Toned Figure, Miss Athletic Figure, Miss Trained Figure, Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1, Interval

Evening show and results from 6.30pm (GMT): Over 40’s, Over 50’s, Juniors, Miss Trained Figure, Class 4, Miss Athletic Figure, Class 3, Miss Toned Figure, Class 2, Class 1, Overall Mr

Pro Division Judging: Pro Miss Trained Figure, Pro Mr Universe
Pro Division Results
Estimated finish time 10.30pm (GMT)