WATCH: Bader Boodai – Dennis James feud resurfaces.

A recent interview with Kuwait’s Oxygen Gym owner Bader Boodai on Generation Iron has rekindled the feud between Dennis James and Bader Boodai.

Dennis James and Bader Boodai had a great relationship for many years until superstar Big Ramy rocked the bodybuilding world. Dennis James was the man to take care of Big Ramy, making a number of trips to Kuwait to look over his training. On the other side, Badder Boodai claims that Dennis James was trying to take Big Ramy away from Kuwait when Dennis brought him over to the USA, resulting in a feud over contracts and other factors.

Dennis James claims he still does not know what happened while Bader looks as he does not want to have nothing to do with Dennis James anymore.

Both Dennis and Bader are exchanging some series claims between each other and it makes the bodybuilding fan wonder who is actually telling the truth.

Earlier in the year, Dennis James had a very detailed interview in which he explained his version of the story regarding Boodai and Big Ramy from the beginning to the end. Bader Boodai responds to certain comments from Dennis James.

Watch both interviews and decide for yourself!

Bader Boodai Interview: The Man Who Unleashed Big Ramy – June 2016

Dennis James interviewed on – Jan 2016

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