WATCH: Bodybuilding's

WATCH: Bodybuilding’s “Giant Killers”

The bodybuilding stage is a place where you expect to see the biggest bodybuilders in the world compete against each other.

Every once in a while a shorter bodybuilder walks on stage and shock the bodybuilding world with his almost perfect aesthetics.

These athletes end up defeating some of the biggest athletes in the world, earning them the nickname ‘Giant Killer’.

In this series, we look at Shawn Ray, Lee Priest, Danny Padilla and William Bonac.

Danny Padilla is the original ‘Giant Killer’. He had on of the best physiques in the late 70’s and 80’s, showing incredible proportions and definition.

Then we have Shawn Ray, the IFBB Hall of Famer. Shawn came very close and some say should have won the Mr. Olympia on a number of occasions. Shawn used to go up against the best and biggest athletes in a era that can be said was one of the hardest to compete in.

Lee Priest, the rebel of the bodybuilding world, had a fantastic physique. His incredible arms used to crush all his competition. The man from Australia was always a joy to see on stage.

Finally we have William Bonac, the modern day ‘Giant Killer’. His incredible size and proportion is earning him victories and top places on the Olympia stage against guys twice his size. But when you see William up close, you will be amazed of his size on such a small frame. We cannot wait to see him grace the stage this year.

WATCH: Bodybuilding's "Giant Killers"