Willam Bonac attacks Luimarco

Willam Bonac attacks Luimarco

IFBB Pro William Bonac was not to happy with Luimarco at the 2017 Dubai Muscle Show.

Luimarco was being interviewed at one of the stands when William Bonac showed up threatening Luimarco not to talk about him in any way and he will be back.

Then the situation heated up when Bonac and Luimarco came face to face. You can easily hear Bonac telling Luimarco that if he wants to say anything about him, he say it to his (Bonac’s) face.

As well Bonac told Luimarco to not ever threaten him again and Luimarco replied saying “He does not remember”.

Luimarco replied to Bonac saying “He is a nobody”.

Whatever Luimarco said in one of his videos did not go down well with Bonac.

Any viewer can notice that Luimarco was not so tough when he was confronted by Bonac. The only time Luimarco tried to stand up for himself was when Bonac was taken away by a couple of men.

This is not the first time Luimarco was confronted by IFBB Pro’s. Just a few moments after he won his 7th Olympia title, Phil Heath also had some words for the Youtube blogger.

There was a time when Luimarco used to hide behind his computer when he commented on athletes, now that he is attending shows, he is coming face to face with them, and it is not going as planned.