WATCH: Branch Warren gives update

WATCH: Branch Warren gives update on shoulder and bicep surgery. 

Branch Warren is one of the most hardcore bodybuilders in the bodybuilding world.

Branch has a fantastic resume of results when he was competing as a IFBB Pro. The highlights of his career must surely be his two Arnold Classic victories (2011, 2012) and as well placing second at the Mr. Olympia in 2009.

If you follow bodybuilding, you have definitely come footage of Branch Warren training with his best buddy, Johnnie O. Jackson. A minute with these two guys will bring best athletes to their knees.

Well, hardcore training over a long period of time will leave some battle wounds and Branch has suffered his share of them.

Just recently, Branch had to have surgery on his shoulder and bicep to correct a injury he suffered while training a while back. Even though Branch is officially retired, he still is committed to the gym.

Branch injured himself while training with light weights during some promotional features for one of his sponsors.

We wish Branch a speedy recovery and hope to see him pumping out those hardcore training videos soon.