cedric mcmillan hump

A rare and funny incident happened after Arnold Schwarzenegger interviewed Cedric McMillan when he won the 2017 Arnold Classic.

During a interview with Bob Cicherillo, Cedric explained that he hates being filmed for Snap chat.

The fun started when Arnold got up to take some footage with his mobile for snap chat while Cedric was going through his posing routine. Cedric stopped and walked up to Arnold and gave a piece sign and as well touched his hair.

This did not stop there… after the interview on stage, Arnold got his mobile to take some more footage with his mobile. So Cedric took the opportunity to have some fun and ‘hump’ Arnold.

You have to watch the video to hear Cedric explain the situation.

Cedric is a true ambassador to the sport. Not only does he have a great physique, but he loves having fun with any situation.