WATCH: Christian Duque confronts

WATCH: Christian Duque confronts journalist about FAKE Rich Piana death story

The big story of the week… or we can say of the year was Rich Piana ending up in the hospital and being put in a medically induced coma.

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Nobody knows what happened to Rich Piana and rumors have been circulating like wildfire. But what we are sure of until know is that Rich Piana is still alive.

On Friday, a website called DDN Sports published a story stating that Rich Piana died.

This story made its rounds on a number of popular sites and Youtube pages such as the popular Lui Marco (after Lui Marco removed the video and changed the story), but we at noticed something was not right.

Nobody else could confirm it, and DDN Sports have no real connection with the bodybuilding world.

We asked our sources and all could not confirm this story.

Finally, Chanel posted on her official Instagram page that Rich Piana is still alive and fighting to get better.

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Our good friend Christian Duque of, managed to get the contact number of this so-called journalist and managed to confront him.

Obviously, he was in shock and did admit this story was fake.

Well done Christian for getting to the bottom of this.