Dallas McCarver is already focused on 2017 as he has teamed up with Chad Nicholls to prepare for the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Watch as Dallas McCarver lets all his fans follow his prep for the Arnold Classic in his new series.

Dallas McCarver Road To The Arnold Classic – Ep.1

Just before taking a flight out to Houston for a guest posing routine, Dallas takes us through his quick but fierce chest workout. We are currently sitting 10 weeks out from the 2017 Arnold Classic in Ohio next season, and Dallas is already looking right on point!

Episode 3
On todays “The Road To The ASF”, Joe Bennett pays us a visit. As we fall just under 10 weeks out from Dallas stepping back on stage, Joe gives Dallas a helping hand with todays back training.

Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic – Dallas McCarver – Ep.4
In todays Episode of “Road To The 2017 ASF”, CEO of Redcon1, Aaron Singerman comes along to train back with Dallas McCarver. Dallas takes Aaron through a very long untypical type of back training. They hit the Redcon1 head quarters afterwards to recap on the workout and speculate on things like this years prep and game plan to the conquer the most prestige crown as this years ASF champ!

On episode 5 of the “road to the ASF 2017” series, Dallas goes over his chest routine and talks about dealing with an illness during prep. After training chest we head over to the Delray Shooting Center to have some fun with a few toys..

Dallas McCarver Road To The Arnold Classic – Ep.6
Don’t miss this crazy leg day at Project Flex! Last week Dallas was able to squat 6 plates (585lbs) for 10 reps, so this weeks he takes 7 plates (675lbs) for a ride! As we get closer and closer to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio the intensity continues to increases, and somehow, so do the weights!

In this Episode of “Road To The 2017 ASF”, Catch Dallas Mccarver start his new training structure. Today’s training session is arms! Dallas also hits some 100lbs dumbbell curls for reps!

Episode 8
In this video Dallas McCarver trains his heavy back day as he gets closer to his destiny and the Arnold Classic. Don’t miss him deadlifting 765lbs for reps!

In this 10th episode of the Road to the Arnold with Dallas McCarver we sit down and eat breakfast with Dallas. He speaks about his meal planning, training, and gets stuff off his chest! Don’t miss this unique episode!

Today is LEG day with Joe Bennett aka The Hypertrophy Coach and Redcon1 athlete Dallas McCarver. “Nothings more sad than training quads by yourself.” Lucky for you Joe will share the correct way and benefits of performing the exercises seen in this video on episode 11 of the Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic.

In Redcon1’s episode 12 of Road To The 2017 Arnold Classic Joe Bennett and Dallas focus on chest. Joe outlines the plan and path to chest success making sure to get into the details of each movement. Join us again on The Road To The Arnold Classic

In this episode of Road to the Arnold Classic, Dallas is 7 weeks out from making an impact in Columbus! Today he trains back at the Dragon’s Lair!

Don’t miss this new episode of The Road To The Arnold with Redcon1 star, Dallas McCarver! In this episode Dallas crushes chest at the Flex Lewis’ Dragon’s Lair! http://www.redcon1.com

Its another Leg day on the Road To The 2017 Arnold! Redcon1 Athlete Dallas Mccarver tells us in detail his training regimen for legs. Do not be fooled if today doesn’t seem to be hardcore enough! Everyday is a step closer to The Arnold!

Dallas McCarver is back at it again! Here is another intense back workout completed in preparation for the 2017 Arnold Classic!