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WATCH: Dave Palumbo responds to Bob Cicherillo

WATCH: Dave Palumbo responds to Bob Cicherillo.

In recent weeks, Bob Cicherillo, a show promoter and supposedly the IFBB Pro ‘Athletes Rep’ has been very active on social media and bodybuilding forums attacking evolutionofbodybuilding.net and now Dave Palumbo of RXmuscle.com.

Mainly, Bob’s attacks are against the site owner Kevin Grech regarding the stories published about his new show in the UK and other subjects such as his disrespect to the NABBA athletes and as well Lee Priest.

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Bob Cicherillo took the argument to his comfort zone to continue his attack. Bob knows that on Muscular Development’s forum he will find the support he needs from the five people that just live on that forum.

We understand why Bob goes to the MD forum as he would get more coverage compared to his failed Youtube show ‘The Last Rep’,  a show that has an average of just 600 views per show. Then he goes on to degrade sites such as evolutionofbodybuilding.net and RXmuscle.com. These sites get thousands of views each day on their web pages and videos.

We obviously took part in the discussion to defend our stories, but regardless of what we say, Bob would continue to call the owner of evolutionofbodybuilding.net a ‘retard’, ‘zero credibility’, ‘fraud’ and much more.

Getting back to Dave Palumbo, Bob decided to go to the Muscular Development forum to talk about Dave comments on his interview with Bader Boodai, when he asked Bader if it was right for a show promoter to kick him out of the NPC Nationals in 2017 when he had permission to do interviews back stage.

Bader Boodai obviously agreed with Dave. Boodai believes a promoter should jump to the opportunity for free coverage. Especially in a sport that is in desperate need of promotion.

This is what Bob said on the MD forum:

Excellent video from Dave Palumbo…..until the 22 min mark, then he tries to get support for his own ridiculous actions at the Nationals this past year.

Here’s a few answers for you Dave:

1. You were kicked out of the venue because you were in an area you weren’t authorized to be in. You were well aware of this, as Ive seen you do this many times in the past.

2. The rights were paid for by a different company.

3. When you were confronted about this in the press pit, you decided to stand up ( during the show) and make a spectacle about it

4. You made it a point to keep the camera rolling and grandstand while being asked to leave

5. You were police escorted out because you decided to make a fool of yourself and continue to argue the point.

6. Amazingly…Ive never seen anyone else but YOU having a similar problem

Dave in his video, answered every one of these questions. The funny part is that Bob criticized evolutionofbodybuilding.net and others to have ‘zero credibility’ for their stories… what can Bob say for attacking Dave Palumbo when he was not even backstage at the Nationals to see this happen?

For a show promoter that is trying to make his mark in Europe, Bob definitely did not do his homework on marketing and promotion.

And even Dave points this out at the end of his video when he commented about the way Bob is treating the people in Europe (8:50 mark).

Bob is heading the IFBB Pro League’s campaign to try to convince athletes from ‘other federations’ to switch over to the NPC, especially athletes from Europe and other parts of the world. He has made some crucial mistakes in offending the Europeans then he goes on to calling NABBA athletes ‘slugs’, especially when his first show in Europe is going to be held in the UK. NABBA has a very strong following in the UK as they host the prestigious NABBA Universe every year. This is definitely not the right way to convince athletes.

Bob also said this about Dave:

He keeps bringing it up as he’s trying to lobby for support…except for the fact that he’s not getting any and he’s only making it worse for himself. As a promoter, I would NEVER have RX at one of my shows as he’s shown a pattern of ignoring the rules for his own gain.

For a new show promoter already cutting out media outlets, and RXmuscle.com is one of the biggest out there, Bob is shooting himself in the foot.

Not the way to start a business.

Editorial Note:

Bob Cicherillo can continue bashing www.evolutionofbodybuilding.net, we support Dave Palumbo on this. We see Dave as one of the most active media sites in the industry producing some of the best shows. Some of the shows are a bit wild, but they are good fun. Bob Cicherillo seems to have a problem of sites outside of his circle of friends that glorify him. We are one of those sites outside his circle. We will criticize, and bring the news to the public whether he likes it or not!

If it is an athlete complaining about high prices just to compete at a show, we will make it public.

If Bob keeps showing his disrespect to federations and athletes, we will make it public.

If Bob fails with his new shows in the UK, this is not our fault. His lack of respect to athletes and other federations is just disgusting. Something I did not expect from a person in the industry for so many years.

On publishing news and results. Bob continues to call us ‘copy and paste’. Well, all we can say is yes, we ‘copy and paste’ results from the official sites to keep our readers up-to-date with the latest news. If it is just results we will post them. This is called a service to our readers.

What right does Bob have in telling us not to promote IFBB Pro qualifiers or IFBB Pro shows on the site?

As well, what right does Bob have in telling us not to promote IFBB Pro qualifiers or IFBB Pro shows on the site? Bob said he does not want them to be on the same site with other federations. This is the biggest sign of disrespect towards all the other federations and athletes. This is coming from the same guy that is heading the campaign to get athletes to switch over to the NPC after they were suspended from the IFBB International.

Bob is underestimating the social media presence and fan base evolutionofbodybuilding.net has built in just five years. The site is growing day by day and we are very happy with the progress.

Dave Palumbo responds

Dave Palumbo responds

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