dave palumbo seminar 2012Watch Dave’s 5 part seminar series as he talks about Cleaning, Alkalanization, Protein Supplementation, Essential Fats, Carbohydrates, Post-workout Nutrition, and Joint Pain.

Source: RXmuscle.com

Dave Palumbo Seminar: Toxicity, Cleansing, & Alkalinization- Part 1

Dave Palumbo Seminar Series: Part 2- Whey Protein Supplements & Mac Nut Oil!

Dave Palumbo’s Seminar Series Part 3- Essential Fats & Grass Fed Beef

Dave Palumbo Seminar Series: Part 4- Carbohydrates & Post-Workout Nutrition!

Dave Palumbo Seminar Part 5- How to Cure Joint Pain and Discomfort