have released part 1 of the video series called IRON FIRE – Lost Gains. The series follows the road to recovery of IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf.

After the operation Dennis had on his neck, it seems that Dennis is having problems with his left side. It does look like he is fighting through it and is getting back to the gym.

Dennis Wolf was rated one of the top 5 bodybuilders in the world in 2015 and was preparing for the 2016 Mr. Olympia when he had to do some major surgery due to a injury.

Dennis Wolf is not shy of showing his smaller look on the video when he was going through some posing routines. We must say it is still a look that most of the people that go to the gym dream of achieving.

It shows Dennis has great genetics and bodybuilders such as 4X MR. Olympia Jay Cutler and German IFBB Pro Marcus Ruhl are also interviewed in the series and give full support to Dennis on his eventual comeback.

While Jay Cutler was very positive with his comments, Marcus Ruhl is worried that the judges might not look at Dennis the same way as they did in the past with all the new athletes stepping on the Pro stage.

Another aspect of the video that was great to see is that a bodybuilder/fitness athlete can have a great life financial if he or she follows the right path. Dennis looks to be living the dream and it is things like this that push athletes to do their best.

Congratulations to for producing such a great series on Dennis Wolf and we look forward to viewing part 2. It is not everyday you see a professional bodybuilder show such a side of himself. We encourage you to visit as they are one of the top bodybuilding sites in the world!

Bodybuilders are human and they as well have their ups and downs during their career and this video gives us a inside look at this.

We truly hope to see Dennis back on the stage in 2017 as there is a big void without him.

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