fighting Covid-19 Dexter Jackson

WATCH: Dexter Dexter is kicking Father Time’s ass.

Dexter Jackson is looking fantastic just four weeks out from the 2020 Arnold Classic USA.

The 2008 Mr. Olympia winner published his arm workout on his official Instagram page.

Dexter has basically won every competition that there is and is also the record holder for the most pro wins and also Arnold Classic victories.

Five Arnold Classic USA victories (2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015) is a dream for any bodybuilder and this record probably will never be broken.

Dexter will definitely be a top five finisher at this years Arnold Classic.

He has a chance of winning it, but the younger generation might have a slight edge.

Regardless, Dexter still looks better and more aesthetic than athletes more than half his age.

Dexter will be 50 going into the Arnold Classic this March. This is a incredible moment for the sport of bodybuilding.

While many athletes in any other pro sport disciplines retire near the age of 40, Dexter is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is Dexter’s secret?

If you have followed Dexter during his career, you will notice he changes his workout programs and diet according to his needs and as well not to put too much stress on his body and especially his joints.

Dexter is a perfect example of bodybuilding is not a sport of how much you can lift, but how you lift and how it will benefit you the most.

You never see Dexter lifting like Ronnie Coleman. Bone crushing squats and leg presses is not what Dexter does.

Having trainers like Chris ‘Psycho’ Lewis and now Charles Glass that know how to take care of his physique is one advantage.

Another great advantage that Dexter has is his long term relationship with his dietitian George Farah.

Even when George was fighting for his life battling cancer, Dexter stayed loyal to him and did not look elsewhere.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing Dexter take the stage at the 2020 Arnold Classic USA.

Regardless his placing, it will still be history in the making.