Dexter Jackson May TMZTMZ, the popular entertainment news website bumped into Dexter Jackson and asked him about the recent 80 game suspension of Major League Baseball player Dee Gordon for steroid use.

Dexter is a true veteran of the sport and explained to TMZ that after having 27 years of training under his belt, many people think there is a easy way to do things but its never the right way.

Dexter went on to explain that today there are many ways to do things without drugs with all the supplements that are available. It might take a bit longer, but you can achieve your goal.

“I know all the tricks of the trade,” Jackson says … “[training PED-free] is gonna take longer, but you gotta know how to treat your body right, with proper nutrition and getting the proper rest.”

When asked if he would help Dee Gordon if he had the chance, Dexter said he would be happy to and invited him to Gold’s Venice.

Watch the entire interview here: