Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson is not only a great champion on stage but also a champion to his community.

Dexter made a surprise appearance at his daughters high school for a recent event. Dexter was welcomed with a standing ovation from the students that surely know Dexter for his great accomplishments.

A couple of bicep poses got the crowd going crazy!!

At the event, Dexter was challenged to a arm wrestling match with Peter ‘Mr. Biceps’.

Its great to see Dexter giving back to the community and it is also a fantastic moment when you see the younger generation appreciating the sport of bodybuilding.

Dexter Jackson takes on student in arm wresting challenge from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.

This is what Dexter had to say:

builtbyblade Man, I know you guys think I’ve been bodybuilding for ages….. but it’s really been ages since I’ve been where these kids are today….high school! Lol!
Being at my daughters high school and volunteering for this event was so much fun and a pleasure being there for these kids! I wish them all so much success in their futures! Thank you Bishop Kenny High School for having me as a guest! As a native to Jacksonville FL, it’s always great to be able to give back to the community. It was a blast! And to Peter (AKA Mr. Biceps. 😂) …arm wrestling you was fun bro, great job and keep up the good work in school! Good luck in college! @celine_elie22, I’m proud of you and all my kids! I’ll be back for your graduation sweetie!

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