james preston rogers eric broser july 29 2015Eric Broser has done it again! He’s becoming one of Los Angeles’ hottest trainers, and his newest client is none other than rising action star, James Preston Rogers. James is no stranger to the iron game, but after his most recent film, Pixels with Adam Sandler, he decided he wanted to take his physique to the next level. See how Eric “Merlin” Broser trains a Hollywood actor; we watch the two men blast away chest and triceps at Gold’s Gym, Venice – expect big, awesome things from this partnership!



James Preston Rogers update and chest training with Eric Broser





Eric Broser
-CEO B Built International www.b-built.net
-AAP Director of PR/Social Media/Marketing www.allamericanpharmaceutical.com
-Natural Professional Bodybuilder/Judge/Advisory Board Member
-Columnist @ Iron Man/Planet Muscle/Natural Muscle/www.muscleandfitness.com
-Creator of the PRRS, FDFS and O-Bey-6 Training Systems


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