Flex Wheeler making great gains

WATCH: Flex Wheeler making great gains

IFBB Legend Flex Wheeler seems to be on the right track with the latest footage that has emerged.

The IFBB Legend is competing at 2017 Olympia in the Classic Physique class.

Many have criticized Wheeler’s decision to make a comeback, but it seems that Flex has done his homework and is already showing signs of improvement.

As everybody knows, Flex is one of the greatest ever bodybuilders to grace the IFBB Pro stage and if he can get close to what he was, even if it is a toned down version, who knows what he can do on stage.

The other competitors will surely be keeping an eye on Flex as now it is definitely looking as he will fighting for a good placing… if not top spot.

Footage by Stan “Rhino” Efferding – TheKooler.com