WATCH: Generation Iron 2 Teaser – Kai Greene


The first preview of the new film Generation Iron 2 has been released.

The very small 30 second clip features Kai Greene

The Predator Rises…

Greatness isn’t given, it’s earned. It takes blood, sweat, and IRON to become a true legend. Prepare yourselves for one of the biggest mass monster events. Coming soon 2017.

Watch Kai Greene like you’ve never seen him before – an international force to be reckoned with unlike any other bodybuilder across the world. Now moving far beyond bodybuilding itself and using his monster physique to aspire to a higher level of greatness. Something bigger (but not necessarily better) than the Arnold Classic or even the Olympia. Enter into the mind of a totally different beast. More than a bodybuilder. A phenomenon.

A whole new bodybuilding revolution is coming later this year. Clock is ticking…