Cedric humping

Cedric Humping again

After winning the 2017 Arnold Classic. The story of the event was not Cedric winning the title but what he did to Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was taking his famous selfie with the winner after the trophy presentation.

After a number of fans laughed and criticized this gesture by Cedric, it seems he did it again in the latest video that he released himself.

Seeing all this, is this something the IFBB want their athletes to be doing. It is obvious they will not get involved in an athletes personal life, but what about when it comes to representing the sport.

It is all fun and games. But think about it. Imagine if Phil Heath did this when he was at a show. The media would not stop bashing him.

If Cedric continues will all this joking around. Some people may get offended and it could possibly hinder his chances of placing well at the Mr Olympia.