IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino has

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino has just did the best thing a person can do in their life. His kindness is an example for all to follow, not just in the bodybuilding world but for everybody.

Guy’s friend Dan Vella contacted him regarding a woman that just had two requests before she goes into major surgery to remove her brain cancer. She wanted to meet Guy Cisternino and The Rock.

Guy put everything on hold in his life and immediately went to go and grant Linda her wish. Linda’s son, Darin Sliker is also an accomplished bodybuilder and he as well is a big fan of Guy Cisternino.

Darin’s girlfriend Frances Santero also helped out with this meeting and it all went perfect.

Cisternino ended up spending over 3 hours with Linda and was truly touched with her fighting spirit.

All our prayers go out to Linda and her family.

This is what Guy had to say:

guycisterninoThrough my career in bodybuilding there are moments that will always stand out in my mind more than most. Winning shows, greeting fans, having great sponsors all are a blessing, none greater than this. When someone is going through a hardship and someone calls on you to make them feel better, bring a smile to their face, lift up their spirits, you do it plain and simple. My buddy @d_vella called me and said this woman Linda requested only two people she wanted to see before her final surgery tomorrow to remove her brain cancer, myself or @therock so as soon as I heard I said where and when. Her son is also a fan so i decided to surprise her and her son @darinsliker with the helps of his girlfriend @fisantero it turned out awesome. I was there for 3 hours and this woman Linda is a fucking WARRIOR. Had the biggest smile on her face and we all sat there laughing and joking, such an amazing night with an amazing woman! She has a heart of gold and I have zero doubt that she will kick this cancers ass! Wish her and her son well wishes. And be thankful for all your good fortunes in life, never take ANYTHING for granted. No hashtags or tags tonight besides this… #FUCKCANCER

And Francis also left a message on her Instagram page:

fisanteroNovember 27th life changed. From thinking you have a pinched nerve to being diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. I’ve watched this woman, my friend, my family, be stripped of everything she once was. Strong, fierce and independent, now needing 24hour care, questioning what the next day will bring. My heart aches for her every moment of every day.
After over a month and a half of missing the person we once knew…..tonight we got a little bit of her back again.
@guycisternino thank you. Thank you for taking the time from your day, for caring, for giving back, for the laughs, all you did for her…..for having a heart of gold. Thank yiu for being part of bringing back pieces of her tonight. You are truly an amazing person and we are blessed to have you come into our lives. Having felt defeated, there’s no doubt in my mind you have left her tonight happy, heart full, ready to take this bitch on for tomorrow’s surgery. #fuckcancer

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino has