Massive Chest

WATCH: How To Build a Massive Chest with 4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler.

A great video of Jay Cutler and his good friend James Grage going through a chest workout. We have seen many videos of Jay cutler training chest, but this is one of those rare occasions that you get to see Jay Cutler explaining everything in detail. Its a must watch:

Source: Youtube: James Grage

Want to know how my good friend, and bodybuilding legend, Jay Cutler built a chest big enough to win the Mr Olympia 4x’s? As we trained I asked Jay all the questions you would want answered about his chest routine and training philosophy. It’s not often you get to hear him go into this much detail about a specific workout so make sure you check this out if you’re looking to build a bigger chest or build up strength in your bench press. This is a complete chest routine from warm-up, compound movements, isolation movements and finishing movements.