IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad made it known that he has suffered a quad injury in recent weeks and today he gave another update on his official Instagram account.

Fouad is just 8 days away from stepping on stage at the Arnold Classic and the IFBB Pro said that “it is not looking good”

As he was doing cardio, he said that he heard a pop and it has become very uncomfortable for him to do any cardio.

Fouad is still training for the show till now, but not being able to do cardio could hamper his chances for a decent placing… if he does make it to the show.

Updated Feb 25 2017

It looks as Fouad is going to step on stage after all. Even though he is injured, he is going to do the Arnold Classic.



How the injury happened:

***this post was not meant for pity/sympathy, only to show things aren’t norm talked about*** Last Monday was a reoccurring nightmare for me. I wasn’t going to say anything but I pride myself on always being straight up and real with you guys so this should be no different.
Last year as most of you know four weeks out from the TO Pro I tore my teres major (upper lat area) and it devastated me. That day I gave up. I went home, binged, wallowed in my sorrow and then tried to play catch up and get on stage. I ended up fat and in 3rd place.
Well, when you get older shit happens. Last Monday just under three weeks out, I was doing some machine squats when I felt my inner quad (sartorius, adductor area) tear pretty badly. I’ve had strains in my quads before but this felt more like the lat tear from the previous year.
I immediately had a flashback to the year before, same excruciating pain, same mental anguish, I was pissed. I unloaded the machine and headed straight for the therapy office.
This year was different though, I didn’t want to give up so easily. The previous years incident had made me stronger and taught me to keep going. After the tear I went home, made my fish and rice and stayed right on track. Switched cardio to elliptical because it doesn’t seem to bother my leg as much, getting therapy every single day and just staying focused.
Now, I don’t know what’s going to come of all this. I haven’t trained legs since last Monday and I can still only walk up the stairs using my good leg. Ultimately the swelling is still there which is killing my condition in one leg but I’m hopeful it will be gone by show time.
So there you have it. The truth, but still, no fuckin excuses. I’m still focused, I’m still training, I’m still doing all my cardio and I am doing my best to rehab this thing so I can get on stage at my best. I feel like too many of you are supporting me to let you down, so even with a major injury I am going to make this happen the best I can. This is the life of a competitive bodybuilder.