WATCH: Johnnie Jackson suffers injury at Super League contest in Montreal

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury

Retired IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie O Jackson suffered a injury while squatting 425lbs.

Johnnie Jackson was competing at the Super League contest that was taking place in Montreal, Canada on 25 November, 2017.

As you can see in the video, his long time friend and training partner Branch Warren was spotting him while he was attempting the squat.

Johnnie looked to have done the first attemot without any problems, but when he was going up on his second rep, that is when he suffered his injury.

According to reports from, Johnnie Jackson suffered a quad injury and was released from hospital.

Johnnie Jackson stepped on the bodybuilding for the last time at the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe. The veteran bodybuilder is one of the strongest bodybuilders ever to step on the bodybuilding stage. His hardcore training is matched by a very few.

Shortly after his retirement, Johnnie Jackson signed up with the Super League.

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury

Johnnie Jackson suffers injury