guy cisternino jan 2016Muscular Development just published a video of Guy Cisternino training arms 9 weeks before the 2016 Arnold Classic.

Guy Cisternino hit the gym with full force after having to take two weeks off due to a small operation.

The video contains some great footage of Guy Cisternino training arms, but the highlight of the video is Guy Cisternino’s advice on what mentality you need when training. As well Guy’s thoughts on the ‘Guru’ are very straight to the point.

Basically Guy Cisternino believes you don’t need a ‘Guru’ or fancy equipment to become a bodybuilder.

In his own words “The fuck’n secret is to diet, eat clean food and lift some heavy fuck’n weight!”

Guy Cisternino is a hardcore bodybuilder that we do not see in the gyms as much as we used to. He is definately not into all the modern techniques and methods we see or read about today.