Kai Greene is always on the mind of bodybuilding fans when the Olympia weekend comes closer.

Kai Greene confirmed on Muscular Development that he will not be competing in the 2016 edition of the Olympia.

With Kai Greene not being there, we believe it is a great loss to the sport. Some say the Olympia will still be a great show without him, but it would have been much better with him.

With all this happening, the word retirement has been mentioned a number of times in relation to Kai Greene.

In a interview on Dynamik Nutrition’s official YouTube page, Kai put the retirement rumors to rest.

Kai said he will not be leaving the bodybuilding stage anytime soon. Even though Kai is not competing at the Olympia, there are a number of high profile contests that Kai can take part in.

To be honest, we (evolutionofbodybuilding.net) believe, if Kai Greene competed in every competition this year leading up to the Olympia, he would have been in a league of his own. Nobody can come close to his size and condition. It would be great to see him and Dexter on the same stage, but this looks like it will not happen any time soon.

With Kai Greene confirming that he is not retiring anytime soon, many fans will be happy as hopefully we will have a couple of more years to enjoy the exciting routines and fantastic physique that Kai Greene presents!!