Kamal Elgargni confirms defend 212 Olympia title

WATCH: Kamal Elgargni confirms he will defend his 212 Olympia title.

212 Olympia winner Kamal Elgargni has confirmed that he will be defending the title he won in 2019 at the 2020 Olympia Weekend.

Kamal and Chris ‘The Technician’ Aceto traveled to Qatar to attend a seminar organized at Power House Gym on 17 February, 2020.

After winning the vacant 212 Olympia title in 2019, Kamal was not totally committed to defending his title.

Kamal was debating if he should retire after successfully winning the 212 Arnold Classic title in 2018 and the 212 Olympia title in 2019.

During the seminar Kamal published a video on his official Instagram page with Chris Aceto.

It was the first time Chris had the opportunity to see his athlete in the off-season.

Chris confirmed that Kamal is on the right path to defend his Olympia title.

After hearing the positive comments from Aceto, Kamal basically confirmed that he will be defending his Olympia title.

Regarding the competing at the Athleticon, Kamal did confirm to Giles Thomas earlier this month that he was invited to the show.

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