The 2016 Olympia Weekend has come and gone and Phil Heath went home with his sixth Sandow trophy.

The big attraction to many was the return of Kevin Levrone. Everybody dreamed of Levrone coming back as the way he looked at his prime, but when you sit down and let it sink in, at the age of 52 you know it is very hard.

Kevin did make it to the stage and considering age and the time away from the sport, he looked fantastic. He had a physique many still dream to have, even though he was not even close to the way he looked at his prime.

Not only did Kevin do the impossible, but today he revealed via his official YouTube page that he had to fight through several major injuries.

According to the footage, Kevin suffered a pec tear on the left side while doing a 405lbs bench press while in Poland. This is something that would keep a younger athlete off the stage. Then Kevin had two surgeries (Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)) for quad tendonitis (a problem he had since 2003) one was 9 weeks out from the Olympia, which stopped him from training and the other 7 weeks out. Kevin was advised to rest for 4 weeks, but he fought through it and still made it to the stage showing he is a true champion.

After talking to Kevin Levrone on Monday (19 September, 2016) Kevin will be going in for a third PRP surgery and will rest as advised. According to the doctors he will be able to train at 100% as he used to before.

When asked if he will compete again in 2017, Kevin left the option open.

With Kevin expected to fully recover from his quad injury, he is planning to finally get some proper leg workouts done and get that size back, something he could not do for a while. So it looks like Kevin will be around in 2017!

With all this happening, Kevin lived up to the name of being a IFBB Legend and Hall of Famer. He fought back against every negative situation and still made it to the stage.

Was he on par with the other athletes? No he was not. Can any other athlete do what Kevin just did in 5 months? Definitely not, especially after 13 years being away from the stage.

It takes a lot to go back into that dark place where it is just diet and training, especially at the age of 52.

All we can say is, well done Kevin Levrone. You still are one of the best ever bodybuilders to grace the IFBB stage.


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