Kevin Levrone update - Squats 500lbs

Kevin Levrone update – Squats 500lbs

IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone is back from Kuwait.

Levrone was touring a number of countries promoting his brand and training at the same time.

Back in the USA, Levrone is back to training hard and focusing on his next show, the Vancouver Pro.

In his latest footage, Kevin is seen squatting 500lbs.

This is what he had to say:

kevinlevrone Like I’ve told each and everyone of you, never ever let another man tell you your done. Only you can make your dreams into reality baby. 500lbs it’s be 14 years and look closely how deep I’m slamming this weight. Remember where the mind goes the body will follow. Committed To The Finish & Just getting warmed up . SHAABOOM !!