Levrone turning back clock - latest video

Levrone turning back clock – latest video

Earlier this week, IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone released two recent photos on hos social media.

Levrone published a photo of his upper body and as a a side shot of his legs.

The IFBB Legend is showing some massive gains on his build up to the 2017 Vancouver Pro show.

On Wednesday evening, Kevin Levrone released a video from Germany the night before the 2017 FIBO Expo takes place. Levrone will be attending the event, promoting his Levrone Signature Series.

In the video Kevin talks about his products, but you will notice his incredible gains, not even looking like a man that is over 50.

Kevin is taking the Vancouver Pro show very seriously and is looking to be a threat.

Yes, it is a bit early to speculate, but if you are a bodybuilding fan, you cannot ignore such a feat by a legend such as Kevin.

Some other sites will be negative, but evolutionofbodybuilding.net is enjoying the moment!!