evan centopani oct 16 2014Team MD’s Evan Centopani covers the bodybuilding basics in our new series, MD 101. In this first segment, he demonstrates & explains Barbell Curls & why he feels it’s one of the top 2 biceps exercises for growth.


In this segment, he demonstrates & explains the benefits of the standard dumbbell preacher curl and also shows a way to do the movement without the preacher attachment.

Skull Crushers are a basic movement that anyone with a barbell or set of dumbbells can do – & it’s one of the most effective moves for triceps. In this video, Evan Centopani discusses his start, form, rep range and more.

Perform the basics with MD 101! In this video, Evan Centopani covers DIPS – a dynamic movement to hit triceps, chest & shoulders. Watch his demonstration and gets tips here.

In this MD 101 video, Evan Centopani covers tricep extensions & pushdowns. He explains the difference between the two, what gives the triceps that pop, strategizing your work out & more.

Squats are one of the most effective fundamental movements – often done incorrectly. In this MD 101 video, Evan Centopani explains why it’s important to master the mechanics, when & why to squat in a workout, stance preferences, squatting without shoes & more.

For variety, Evan Centopani throws the hacksquat into his training. He explains why switch-ups are beneficial, stance for comfort and effectiveness, mastering the movement to avoid injury and more in this MD 101 video.

IFBB Pro Evan Centopani wraps-up his 8 part MD 101 series with a talk on the importance of warming up before big compound movements.

Written by Nick Del Toro

Source: Muscular Development