steve kuclo dec 4 2014

Checkout this great series by Muscular Development and Steve Kuclo.

Having always been triceps/shoulders dominant, pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo turned to the Incline Bench Press to make chest improvements & transform one of his weakest areas into an asset that helps him hang with the big guys in competition.

See how he keeps tension on the muscle, lifts heavy, controls the negative and more in this MD 101 video.

Source: Muscular Development

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo shares the most effective moves to target all 3 heads of the triceps – his favorite being Triceps Pushdowns. He likes working with the rope to get a full range of motion and focus on form – not weight.

In this MD 101 video, Steve discusses different grips, mind-to-muscle connection, form and other tips.

Barbell Lunges are the ultimate exercise for leg development according to Steve Kuclo. It requires complete leg movement and works the glutes, hamstrings, quads & hip.

IFBB pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo covers form, rep range and variations – his favorite being old-school Ronnie Coleman style. Watch as he performs the basics in this MD 101 video.

The most argued and critiqued exercise is the BARBELL SQUAT. Everybody has their own style and preference, but the ultimate goal is to shape and build muscle.

IFBB pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo demonstrate the full-leg exercise with recommendations on natural position, form, weight and more in this MD 101 video

Build ultimate bulk with the Dumbbell Shoulder Press. IFBB pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo uses this effective exercise – primarily a front delt movement – to pack on the mass. He talks range of motion, weight, form, rep range and more. See him demonstrate in this MD 101 video.

Delts are a dominate feature on stage and lateral raises – done properly – are the bread & butter for building delt width, shape and size. IFBB pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo demonstrates this effective exercise and shares expert tips on: weight, rep range, form, angles and more in this MD 101 video.

Dumbbell flys are IFBB pro Steve Kuclo’s favorite finishing movement to help fatigue the muscle at the end of a great chest workout. In this MD 101 video, he shares tips for getting a good stretch, angle, range of motion, rep range and more.