Jose Raymond Jan 2015Watch this great news series by Muscular Development called MD 101 with IFBB Pro Jose Raymond.

Jose shows you the training tips that made him one of IFBB’s great modern day stars.

The Close-Grip Bench Press is a staple of IFBB pro bodybuilder Jose Raymond’s triceps routine – and it should be part of yours too. Hands close, elbows in & go heavy to get big hams…on your arms. Watch this MD 101 video for more tips & demo.

In need of a pain-free alternative to standard dumbell extensions, IFBB pro bodybuilder Jose Raymond picked up this variation from fellow pro, Mike Liberatore: the one arm dumbbell triceps extension. Watch him demonstrate in this MD 101 video & explain why he has to do them this way.

The first exercise of IFBB pro bodybuilder Jose Raymond’s biceps workout is Alternate Dumbbell Curls – an intense muscle-building isolateral move. Check out his tips for range of motion, hand position, rep range, weight and more in his MD 101 video.