lee thompsonHighly respected judge, Mr. Olympia and IFBB judge Lee Thompson has decided to break away from the IFBB to start his own federation called NPC Global.

On a video that Lee Thompson posted on social media, he stated that competitors will share revenue with the federation and make more money from image rights.

Thompson also brought up the Kai Greene situation. This is what probably made him decide to start this new federation.

Surely, for something like this to happen, something is truly happening behind the scenes as Kai Greene did mention.

The new Federation will allow competitors from every other organization compete without any restrictions as stated by Thompson.

The launch of this Pro and Amateur League will be launched on November 8, 2015 at Muscle Beach.

Thompson created a very professional video to make his point. This will surely be another lightening bolt to the IFBB this weekend!!

Some words from Lee Thompson himself:

As the physique industry and its associated subsidiaries progress further into the 21st century, there have been differences as to how to move forward in a PROGRESSIVE and EVOLUTIONARY manner. Sooner than I would have anticipated, the demands of the athletes, the fans, the sponsors and the future have come calling. I, the #‎NPCTexas and the #‎Nspire COMMUNITY are ready to answer that call.

npc globalOur COMMUNITY vision; to create a SHARED ECONOMY by rewarding the athletes and to provide the TRANSPARENCY of the process by which they COMPETE. It is the ATHLETES who sacrifice so much to make this business and lifestyle so great. Together, we UNITE to create our own RULES by which we will LIVE in a state of UTOPIA.

I, my wife Jennifer Thompson, our entire Thompson Muscle Contest and Nspire Physique Championship Amateur/Pro League – wish the very best in their pursuit of EXCELLENCE to all the amazing athletes taking to the stage this weekend in Las Vegas, NV. And to those athletes around the GLOBE, we WELCOME you to our NPC Global League. IT’S HOW WE LIVE.

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